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die zeit und das geschehen aufzeichnen | to record time and what’s going on

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iCowboy’s Manchester Adventures (15.3 MB) – Feature

Production: December 2003

Directed by: Jens Kutilek

Cast: Jens Kutilek, Daniel Wardle, Michael Embrey, Sarah Hall, Jennifer Cooper and others

BOMT: low (9.2 MB) | high (15.4 MB) – Music Video

For legal reasons we must offer »BOMT« without sound, sorry.

Production: May – December 2003

Directed by: Jens Kutilek, Anna Niedhart, Anna Vahl

Cast: Jens Kutilek, Helga Wolter, Herma Auguste Wittstock, Anneliese Jendrian, Wolfgang Jendrian, X Jones and others

Production photos

Lamento des Berufskraftfahrers: low (6.6 MB) | high (9.9 MB) – Music Video

Production: April 2003

Directed by: Jan-Michael Bratz

Cast: Jens Kutilek

Many thanks to studio Maratone for granting permission to offer “BOMT” for download, but German law forbids it anyway.

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