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die zeit und das geschehen aufzeichnen | to record time and what’s going on


Christmas with Neon Rain Recordings!

»9 Minuten Weihnachten« (9 minutes of Christmas), a short concept album by Jens Kutílek available for free download, manages to capture and then get rid of the spirit of Christmas in only nine minutes. This is for you if you don’t like Christmas or still do but don’t want to.

Neon Rain Recordings artists on Magnetic Fields tribute album

Two of our artists are included on the album “Meaningless – a dedication to the songs of The Magnetic Fields” (the slight record): Jens Kutilek with “Acoustic Guitar” and The Removal Expenses with “Blond Adonis”.

iCowboy in Andalucia

iCowboy returned from the south of Spain. There he attended the art workshop “Cleaning the house” by performance artist Marina Abramovic and the Fundación NMAC. continue

iCowboy: Baby One More Time

iCowboy lifts the Britney Spears hit “Baby One More Time” to new heights. Download the video as well as an older video. continue